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05, Apr 2021 / Visit Rwanda

There are a number of great artists and creative minds building a new landscape for Rwanda’s fashion industry. Little or almost absent from the fashion world, this newly established creative force is on a mission to making Rwanda a top destination for new thinkers in African fashion. Here is a list of some of the creative products you could own during your visit to incredible Rwanda.

Rwanda clothing - incredible rwanda fashion designer

Rwanda Clothing

Rwanda Clothing is a fashion and home-decor boutique located in the heart of Kigali. Rwanda Clothing began in 2012 and today has forty-five full time and more than 50 part-time employees. The company has built a solid foundation and is enjoying a successful growth curve. Rwanda Clothing is becoming well known, not only within Rwanda, but across Africa and around the world. It is a truly Made in Rwanda global brand.

Motion - rwandan based fashion designer


Moshions is an elegant, culturally inspired brand with world-class couture. Since 2015, the award-winning house has designed clothing that celebrates Rwanda’s cultural heritage – fusing traditional themes with contemporary ideas.

House of Tayo

House of  Tayo showcases African sophistication, style and flavour through contemporary clothing and accessories. With style influences ranging from the Motown era to traditional British tailoring, House of  Tayo combines elegance and class with a strong sense of African heritage and iconography. The brand is truly authentic and homegrown, utilising African inspired textiles and fabrics, and produced by Rwandan tailors and artisans.


K’tsobe is a brand of timeless jewellery, made from different materials like silver and brass, and also natural materials such as seeds, cow horn and wood. The jewellery are inspired by nature, symbols from Rwanda and different cultures around the world. They are mainly handmade and some of them are made using the lost wax technique.

Uzi Collections

Uzi Collections has been designing and producing casual and smart apparel since July 2015. It is proudly made in Rwanda. Our inspiration comes from Rwandan and African traditions with a sense of modernity through colour, style and pattern. We attract a global market to our brand and aim to create a footprint for the next generation in fashion in Rwanda. We want our brand to expand and increase job opportunities that empower youth and capacity building for the less fortunate.

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