• by: IR Team
  • Source: Rwana Tourism

Here are five museums you must visit while in Rwanda

The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum known as Richard Kandt Museum is located in Kigali city in Nyarugenge District. It illustrates Rwandan life as it was in its social, economic, and political( monarchism) aspects before, and also during the colonial period under the Germany rule. This museum includes Richard Kandt life and his deeds in Rwanda. Another attractive part of the museum is the history of Kigali ; Kigali before and during colonial time and, its naissance as capital city of Rwanda.

King palace museum

King palace museum is located in South Province in Nyanza District. This was the former residence of King Mutara Rudahigwa. This royal palace which was built in a traditional way, illustrates the traditional monarchy of Rwanda in detail.

Natural Arts Gallery

Located in South Province in Nyanza District, the national art gallery showcases contemporary artworks and creativity of Rwandans. This museum was also initially built for residence of King Mutara Rudahigwa but he passed away having not lived in that house.

Ethnographic museum

Also located in South Province in Huye District, the ethnographic museum was built in 1987 and has the finest ethnographic collections, artistic, historical and archaeological artifacts which are accompanied by visual aids, giving visitors a rich insight into the Rwandan culture.

The National liberation museum park

The National liberation museum park is located in North Province in Gicumbi District in Mulindi. This museum illustrates the history of the Rwandan Liberation struggle which brought an end to the Genocide against the Tutsis in 1994. As part of the museum is the bunker which protected the then chairman of the high command who is now the president of the Republic of Rwanda, H.E Paul Kagame.